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[SLUG] Can hard disk behaviour be an indicator of a dodgy power supply

Has anyone had any experience with a dodgy power supply killing scsi
hard disks?

I've just rebuilt a file server a number of times as a succession of
scsi hard disks have failed. The pattern was fairly similar.

They would become musical - the ting ting ting of the "head" hitting the
stop, then about 24 hours later, there would be major problems with
large numbers of bus errors then total failure. On each occassion, it
was the first drive (/dev/sda) that failed, so this meant that Linux was
reinstalled each time.

As the drives were all the one brand and model IBM DCAS-34330 (4Gb
single ended) and they have been in used continuously for 4 years, I was
inclined to think dodgy model or dodgy batch. However, I heard musical
notes again tonight and all that remains are three drives of a different
brand and model. At the same time, the tape drive seemed to drop power
(which was kind of not appreciated as I was in the middle of a 20Gb
backup off three machines) but it recovered and carried on.

So I'm wondering if my problem is really a intermittently dodgy power
supply and asking if anyone has experienced anything similar.

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