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Re: [SLUG] IPChains and net gaming

Peter McCarthy was once rumoured to have said:
> Howdy all
> I have a problem now that I have placed my Win box behind my IP Masq-ing Linx
> box, that being I can no longer play Team Fortress Classic !!
> Now I expect it is just a matter of enabling some ports for IP Masq to
> support it ? Is this correct ?  If so what needs to be done and how do I
> determine what ports TFC needs ??

Halflife uses high-port UDP.  This works fine through pretty much any
NAT/Masq system for playing.  I wouldn't count on being able to serve
though.  (You probably can with enough hackery, but I advise against

We have Counterstrike buffs at my old workplace, and they used to play
it though our Cisco NAT (which is pretty unintelligent).  You
shouldn't have any problems making it work with a linux masq/nat.

Just make sure you're permitting in UDP for `established connections',
and all should be happy.

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