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Re: [SLUG] Sendmail won't pop3 for me anymore [sigh]

On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 07:12:57AM +1000, richard@nospam.cgc.com.au (richard@nospam.cgc.com.au) wrote:
> G'day all,
> I've set up Sendmail 8.0.1 on a RH6.2 Server. 

You should (MUST) update your version of sendmail as
you for example could be used to relay mail from other servers
(as a spamming server). I am not sure (cant remember) but one of
these version at a nasty security bug too and in some of the
older once are some buffer overflow issues.


> Sendmail is receiving external mails.
> Sendmail is also forwarding forwarding mails from a 
> local client (Outlook from Win98).
> I can view recieved mails from the server through pine.
> When I try to access mail via pop3 from the a local client (Outlook from win98)
> I get the error "Unable to connect to the server (Account: 'test', POP3 Server: 'mail.cgc.com.au', 
> Error Number: 0x900ccc0e);
> Is there something stupid that I've missed?

Its not sendmail which is a pop server, its a pop server you need
and this was explained by DaZZa in this thread.


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