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Re: [SLUG] eth0 card problem

Wayne Crich wrote:
> I've set up my first Linux only box at home. Redhat 7., kde the works.
> It's great and it has helped in getting a handle on Linux as a desktop
> machine. I boot this morning at the message comes up that either IRQ or
> io ports are incoreect for eth0 so no network.
> It worked on installation and I got onto the network last weekend,
> howcome when I boot this morning this error comes up ?
> How do I work out the settings on the card (no windows which has always
> helped in the past on other machines). Its a plain ne2000 clone ?

If you have a windows or dos system floppy and the utility floppy 
that may have come with the card ( if you dont have it and can't find
it on the net then email me and I'll email it to you)
 then you can boot off the boot floppy
and then insert the cards util floppy and run something like a:\setup
and you will be able to see and set the irq and io addresses
the card uses. I found I had to disable pnp with this util as well.

Theres probably more than one way, but the above does work sometimes

Then back in linux as root,
modprobe ne irq=10 io=0x340 (or whatever it is)

Automate this for future reboots by putting a line like

ne irq=10 io=0x340

in your /etc/modules

See man ifconfig for setting the ipnum etc and bringing the 
interface up or alternatively use whatever utils your dist
provides you for configuring interfaces.


Joshua Burvill

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