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Re: [SLUG] XP set to unlease huge pool of highly exploitable computers.

On Sat, Jun 16, 2001 at 08:19:50AM +1000, Peter Faulks wrote:
> http://grc.com/dos/winxp.htm

This is sensationalist, misleading and, I think, sometimes wrong.  I'm
*very* suspicious of the motives of a "security expert" doing this.  He
sounds to me like he is just trying to get more business.

Raw socket stuff on Windows 9x is possible - libpcap has been ported,
and is how tcpdump and nmap for win32 work.  His argument for the
dumbing down of consumer Windows annoys me.  Microsoft can't win -- if
they don't put enough features in, they get criticised for stifling
innovation and dumbing down systems.  But they try to add a feature,
which standard on the network stack of everyone else, and this guy goes
nuts and predicts the death of the internet.

And to "prove" it all, he quotes comments in the source code of current
DDOS tools.  And proves it several times, that's how much he's proved
it!  He notes that Microsoft, who should know what their code does, says
Win 9x can do IP spoofing, then ignores it, because the DDOS kiddies
know better.  Yeah.  Of course.

He's just selling himself and his services.  Ignore him.


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