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Re: [SLUG] freeswan

On Friday 15 June 2001 08:59, Anthony Rumble wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Howard Lowndes wrote:
> > It works very nicely.  I have had a 4 site freeswan VPN running now for
> > about 10 months and have only had to intervene in it on about two
> > occasions when the tunnels mysteriously died.
> >
> > I built it on the 2.2.17 kernel with freeswan 1.5
> Word to the wary... FreeSwan and 2.4.x kernels... Not good.. gave up in
> disgust.. hopefully will get sorted out sometime soon...

If you are using 2.4 kernels at all your locations, take a look at the 
Advanced Routing HowTo (section 5, I think).  The setup of VPN's is made 
*extremely* easy by the 2.4 kernel.  I recommend the GRE tunnel setup.

To setup a WAN you basically load two modules and run three commands.

Jon Carnes

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