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[SLUG] RARP Won't Respond

Hi all.

I am working on an experimental Beowulf cluster using Red Hat 7.1,
and am trying to configure a diskless client.  I have the thing starting the
boot process, and sending out RARP requests to the server, but I can't seem
to get the server to respond and boot the client.  I manually started rarpd
and the nfs programs so that I knew they were running, but still no luck.  I
am pasting outputs from tcpdump, ps (to show rarp running) and my /etc/ethers
file (I know I shouldn't be logged in as root, but it's just a test machine,
so I've been kind of lazy about that).

[root@nospam.pc497 /root]# tcpdump -b rarp -i eth0
Kernel filter, protocol 8035, TURBO mode (575 frames), datagram packet socket
tcpdump: listening on eth0
08:27:31.562069 B rarp who-is tell
08:27:38.372069 B rarp who-is tell
08:27:46.882069 B rarp who-is tell
08:27:57.512069 B rarp who-is tell
08:28:10.792069 B rarp who-is tell
08:28:27.392069 B rarp who-is tell
08:28:48.142069 B rarp who-is tell
08:29:14.072069 B rarp who-is tell
08:29:44.072069 B rarp who-is tell

[root@nospam.pc497 /root]# ps -aux | grep rarp
root       757  0.0  0.4  1380  568 ?        S    Jun13   0:00 /usr/sbin/rarpd
root      1434  0.1  0.7  2464  924 pts/1    S    08:26   0:00 tcpdump -b
rarp -
root      1456  2.0  0.4  1596  604 pts/2    S    08:26   0:00 grep rarp


If anybody knows what I am doing wrong, I would surely appreciate the help.

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