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Re: [SLUG] What format to use for CDROM's for Linux?

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Michael Lake wrote:

If they build it with mkhybrid on a linux/unix system, they can make a CD
that will be fully readable on Linux/Unix (RockRidge), Macs (ISO/HFS),
Windows (Joliet), and older systems (ISO9660).


> The Cave Radio and Electronics Group is going to be
> burning a CDROM of all back issues of their Journal
> and will prob be using PDF and maybe some HTML.
> I want to make sure that when they make it it will
> work under my Linux.
> I know that some CDROMs that I have dont work properly
> under Linux/UNIX as the links in HTML don't work except
> under Windows but some do.
> I have heard of Rock-Ridge extensions and there are
> others but I am not familiar with them.
> Whats the filesystem that CDROMs can be burnt with so
> that they are usable under all operating
> systems - Mac/Win/Lin. What filesystems aren't UNIX
> friendly?
> Mike

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