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[SLUG] [OT] web hosting?

hi all

on the subject or isp's ;-)

I help manage and run a website for a small organiseation. Recently our isp went under ;-(
and we are left with a site and a domain name (.org.au) we need a new hosting and im wondering
if any or u know any good providers that are well good. our site was originaly hosted in SA
does it make a diffrence if we want to host in syd??

we need about 20mb or storge space (at least)
at least one e-mail
300-500mb bandwidth a month.
FP ext (not for me i sware ;-))
stastics etc..

if possible we would like more space (duh)
more e-mails (duh)
mabey some video streaming etc.

we have heard some good points about http://www.webcentral.com.au/
and they give us what we want for about 450-600 per year.

who else is good and cheap (or dont thay come hand in hand)



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