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Re: [SLUG] Just Another ISP Question

> Thanks to all for the piece of mind. I just hope they
> don't bite the dust just the way my other ISP did - one.net.
> The tech support person told me that "they don't support
> linux and don't have any plans to do so in the near future".
> I was beginning to worry ....

When an ISP says they don't support Linux they generally mean they won't
hold your hand setting it up.  Pretty much all dialup ISPs that use standard
TCP/IP and PPP will work under Linux.  The only ISP I can think of that
doesn't is AOL (and since they don't use standard TCP/IP and PPP they
probably shouldn't be referred to as an ISP anyway).

According to their latest ads they won't bite the dust anythime soon because
they are owned by AGL which has been around forever.  But since you aren't
on a contract you don't have too much to lose if they die.  Buy yourself a
domain if you are worried about losing mail whenever your ISP dies.

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