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Re: [SLUG] What format to use for CDROM's for Linux?

This one time, at band camp, Matthew Palmer said:
>Pure ISO-9660 is (basically) guaranteed to work on anything.  I've never had
>a problem reading Joliet disks under Linux, but I've got Joliet support in
>my kernels.  You might not.

mkisofs lets you create an ISO9660 with both Rock Ridge and Joliet
extensions, and the old TRANS.TBL format, too.  As long as the hrefs in
the HTML work properly, you shouldn't have a problem with the CDROM
under *nix and 'doze.  Macs I wouldn't know about... but I can only
assume that they've done the right thing and support RR extensions.

Insert line about assumption being the mother of all fsckups.

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