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Re: [SLUG] What format to use for CDROM's for Linux?

On Fri, 15 Jun 2001, Michael Lake wrote:

> I know that some CDROMs that I have dont work properly
> under Linux/UNIX as the links in HTML don't work except
> under Windows but some do.

Are you talking about File.URL, or are you talking about hyperlinks within
the HTML files?

If the former, then it's not FS related - interpreting URL files is an
application level thing.  Dunno what browsers (if any) use them under Linux.

If the latter, then the HTML is broken - again, not an FS issue.

> I have heard of Rock-Ridge extensions and there are 
> others but I am not familiar with them. 

Joliet is Microsoft's idea of long filenames, Rock Ridge is Unix's.  Both
also can support their own idea of permissions.

> Whats the filesystem that CDROMs can be burnt with so
> that they are usable under all operating 
> systems - Mac/Win/Lin. What filesystems aren't UNIX
> friendly?

Pure ISO-9660 is (basically) guaranteed to work on anything.  I've never had
a problem reading Joliet disks under Linux, but I've got Joliet support in
my kernels.  You might not.

I've also never had a problem with RR under Windows - but I've never really
given it a full workout, because, well, Windows sucks.

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Matthew Palmer

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