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[SLUG] freeswan

I want to run a debian firewall with freeswan for internet and a VPN 
tunnel.  IPSEC with IKE and a shared secret.

This box will be built from scratch on a minimal harddisk, P100 
processor.  It must redirect my internal network to the internet.  It 
will redirect specific IP addresses through freeswan VPN  (10.x.x.x 
series and other).

OK how do I configure a freeswan firewall deb package the easy way?
Any hints or pointers?
Any apt-get configurations?

My starting point will be 2.2 debian disks, but I have a cable modem now 
:-) so internet installs not a problem.

There is a lot of discussion about not 2.4 kernels,  is this still current?


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