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[SLUG] Re: Debian SIG - Wrap-up

\begin{Craige McWhirter}
> Gus did reference this as an appropriate starting place:
> http://www.debian.org/devel/
> and I believe the "new maintainers" guide as well.

everything in the "Packaging" section on that page is useful.

in particular:

the debian policy manual. answers all those "what is the Debian Way
(and why)?" questions. even though the title includes "policy", you
really *must* read this:

and the new maintainers guide. basically worked examples, very
similar to my "talk":

if you're actually becoming a maintainer, then the developers'
reference is also good for "what is the correct procedure for.."

these documents are also available as .deb packages, if you want them
installed locally.

the "hello" and "hello-debhelper" packages are also good examples
(thats their point).

 - Gus

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