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[SLUG] Re: Anything like pcAnywhere - some interesting twists

Howard Lowndes wrote:
> My perception, by watching the tcpdump stream, is that the ssh traffic
> from Linux to Linux appears more halting than the Windows to Linux
> traffic.
> I am at a loss to understand it as both traffic streams pass through the
> same gateway, so I guess the problem must be with the local Linux box,
> either the ssh app or the vncviewer app.

Could this be something to do with Nagle algorithm or other tunable
parameters in the networking? Turning on Nagle usually increases useful
throughput on a busy connection, but it hurts latency, which can be a
worry for interactive use.

With Linux you can turn Nagle on or off according to taste. I think so
for MS-Windows also. It could be just a matter of default settings on
the two systems nbeing different.

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