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[SLUG] Anything like pcAnywhere - some interesting twists

I downloaded the Windows binaries and the Linux source from

I put the Windows binaries onto a Winbox, overwriting the existing VNC

I compiled and installed the Linux version locally and also did the same

I then fired up the remote server and connected from the local Linux
viewer through an ssh session with max compression.  The performance was
acceptable, but certainly not blindingly fast.

I then dug an ssh tunnel to the remote Linux server from ttssh with max
compression, and fired up the Windows viewer to check that it worked.

Well, I have to say that the performance was very acceptable with this
latter setup, which is a pity.

In both cases, not using compression made a small, marginally perceptible 

My perception, by watching the tcpdump stream, is that the ssh traffic
from Linux to Linux appears more halting than the Windows to Linux

I am at a loss to understand it as both traffic streams pass through the
same gateway, so I guess the problem must be with the local Linux box,
either the ssh app or the vncviewer app.

Anyone want to speculate on why the Linux viewer/OpenSSH combination does
not perform anywhere as well as the Windows viewer/ttssh setup.

Howard.  LANNet Computing Associates <http://lannetlinux.com>
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