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RE: [SLUG] print to pdf

hehehe looks like we're all doing it.

The only difference is I have done something similar for various different
old CAD formats which don't know how to create proper postscript files.
Sometimes I have to stick a
 90 rotate
something somthing translate
in here and there but mostly it works nicely.

It's particularly wild when teamed up with php or PERL web thingy that calls
the appropriate translator....

I put "" round the filename to get round those spaces that M$ programs seem
to like generating.

BTW my PERL / web thingy has to be fairly paranoid about filenames it is
given, so as to avoid things like a filename called: myfile;cat /etc/passwd
(or worse)
which most well behaved ? M$ programs can't generate but someone else might.
Keep in mind many people run smbd / nmbd as root so just be careful with
those passed filenames.

Fun though.



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