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[SLUG] FYI: RH7.1 make modules fails ... more info ...

At 10:57 AM 6/13/01 +0900, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>>Has anyone seen this. If you do a 'make modules' after doing a 
>>'make bzImage' for a stock standard RH7.1 install with the 
>>2.4.2-2 kernel source, it fails with complaints about lots of module 
>>related include files?
>OK, even more info ...
>Quick comparison of a clean 2.4.2 from kernel.org with the RH installed one.
>RH includes an include file rhconfig.h, which defines a macro _ver_str
>which seems to fail, because its definition should be something like:
> #define _ver_str(sym) sym
>but it is being left in, so that variables and functions are coming out as:
>  extern int console_log_level_R_ver_str(80ce1b8e)
>rather than
>  extern int console_log_level_R80ce1b8e
>Damn, this is two releases in a row that RH have screwed up the source RPMs
>in some way. I guess I should know better than to trust them by now!

Arrrghhh! Problem was a broken Makefile with the shipping RH7.1!

Solution (courtesy of Kieth Owens):

 mv .config ..
 make mrproper   # Make clean not enough!
 mv ../.config .
 make oldconfig
 make dep clean bzImage
 make modules

FRH! [1]

[1] You guess!

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