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[SLUG] Debian SIG - Wrap-up

Another great night had by all with an added bonus being that no-one lost
their pants at pool (although one partnership came close).

Steven Kowalik gave a great talk on the how's/why's one should
contribute to Debian, followed by an impromptu talk by Angus Lees on
building Debian packages properly that blew everyone away. Gus even
managed to showcase many features of his favourite editor killing two of
his objectives[1] with one stone (I think Gus envisages a Debian/Emacs

Thanks Steven and Gus.

Dinner was good, beer and minties were good. The inebriated
screw-driver wielding individual who dismantled my non-functional Palm
Pilot and breathed life into it again was a legend :)

[1] Completely unsubstantiated ;)

Any sugeestions for topics and especially talk volunteers are most


Ickabar Nick Nick,

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