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Re: [SLUG] Anything like pcAnywhere?

You wouldn't read about it.  I pulled up the URL that David gave and it
came up, so did some of the underlying pages, but then - nothing - the
site looks to have disappeared.  It won't resolve in the DNS.

I guess I might just have been getting it from the upstream BPD cache.

Talk about a bad hair day - as if I had any (8-(

Howard.  LANNet Computing Associates <http://lannetlinux.com>
"We needn't, as socialists, get too concerned about privacy;
it's a bourgeois right, closely allied to the right to private property".
                                - Former Federal Health Minister Neal Blewett,
addressing the Fabian Society in 1988 in relation to the Australia Card issue.

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, David Kempe wrote:

> > Does anyone know of a product that does what pcAnywhere does with the same
> > sort of performance over PSTN.
> www.tightvnc.com
> tried it?
> dave

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