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Re: [SLUG] Apache 1.3 config

* This one time, at band camp, DaZZa said:
> OK, this has _got_ to be something simple, but it's got me stuffed.
> I've got a dead standard SuSE 7.0 install on my machine, and I simply want
> to have it serve web pages to my local LAN.
> Apache is installed and working - I can get the SuSE help pages etc - but
> stuff me if I can get _anything_ out of any other user pages anywhere.
> I get with everything I try
>                                                          403 Forbidden
>                                    Forbidden
>    You don't have permission to access /~dazza on this server.

Which user is apache running as and do they have read aceess to the
/~dazza directory?
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