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Re: [SLUG] C Programming HELP?

> >There are a bunch of things you can do to a file but you need only worry
> >about four things:
> >open() open the file
> >close() close the file
> >write() send a byte to the dio
> >ioctl() set directions ect. see README file
> >set the ports to out (using ioctl) and start writing bytes using
> >write() function. Thats all there is to it.
> >The dio48 has 6 ports which are 8 bits wide, hence 8 x 6 = 48. Give a
> >hex number to port and the bits are set to 0 (low) or 1 (high)
> Geoffrey if you do have the time to look at diotest.c in the near future it
> would
> be most appreciated. A few other sluggers have expressed interest in a
> bit of support, will see what comes up. I have got a week up my sleeve

Where are you up to? 
Have you got the kernel module compiled and loaded?
If so then the diotest thing shouldn't be to hard to get going.

I don't have the interface card that you're using but I have
and old 6 port isa card, I may be able to hack the driver to
get my card going.

btw do you realize that you have an old driver... there is one
that is two versions later on the ftp site quoted in the README.
You will definitely need it if you run a 2.4 kernel.

None of the modules compiles for me today. I'll have a closer look 
when some spare time comes along.


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