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Re: [SLUG] text mode newsreader, or a server?

This one time, at band camp, Rob B said:
>Hi Jamie,

Hi Rob.  Hi SLUG.

>Could you give me some pointers re leafnode?  this would be cool, because I 
>could either use it as a news server, or read news over a slow dialup.  How 
>does leafnode download the groups, through a cron entry?  I can't seem to 
>get fetchnews to grab the files either.

well, apt-get install leafnode

dpkg will ask you all the relevant questions, and set it up nicely.

/usr/sbin/fetchnews is usually run from /etc/init.d/ip-up or every
morning with the cron.daily, depending on how it's set up.

If you're not using debian, YMWV ;)

Look in /etc/news/leafnode/config, for the server option, and run
su news -c /usr/sbin/fetchnews to manually fetch newsgroups.  Read the
REAME, it'll tell you how to add groups to leafnode's fetch list.

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