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Re: [SLUG] text mode newsreader, or a server?

You can redirect connections multiple ways.  It really depends on which
kernel/distro you are running.  I use either ipchains or a stand alone
daemon called "redir"

The binary can be run as a stand-alone daemon, or it can be launched by
inetd (or xinetd).  I prefer to launch it with inetd.  Here is an example
from my inetd.conf file:

119 stream tcp nowait root /sbin/redir redir --inetd news.isp.au 119

Here the binary redir is in /sbin/...  I am redirecting any traffic from
port 119 on my box back out to the internet server news.isp.au on port 119.
Notice that you can change the ports.  The incoming port does not have to
equal the outgoing port.


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> How do I do this?  It seems to be the best option since I am having
> getting leafnode to download the group information.
> Cheers,
> Rob
> >
> >Use a redir for port 119 on your home box (pointing the redirect to your
> >ISP's news-server).  Then download news directly at work - relayed via
> >home box.  Works great.
> >
> >Jon
> >

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