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Re: [SLUG] SGI and Linux

D.V.Rogers was once rumoured to have said:

> wondering if anyone in slug might have suggestions on how to
> use a fixed frequency Silicon Graphics GDM-17E11 Monitor with
> standard videocards on atx motherboards running linux
> just picked up a beautiful flat screen 17inch SGI monitor and have been
> told I cannot use with a standard video card cause of fixed frequency
> a little browsing has found adapters for mac boxes but no PCs
> anyone had any luck in trying something similar?

It can be done using magic adapters (for the sync signal) and XFree86
(so you have strict timing control).  Its nearly impossible any other way.

However, it is possible that this model is a multisync monitor (which
I suspect it is since I change change resolutions for it on my Indy),
in which case you just need a way to change the sync pulse.

> any slug users running linux on sgi boxes?

I was for a while.

> would be interested to hear from as to what distro/s you are using?

I used a HardHat 5.1(?) installation, which I then upgraded using the
RPMs availible.  The kernel I was using was a 2.4.2 OSS CVS snapshot.

I probably would have had less trouble if I had realised that I have a
bad SIMM in my Indy sooner.  Also if I had Irix on there to begin
with, it would have made life easier too.

This Indy did the performance thing at the LBE this year anyway. :)

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