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Re: [SLUG] text mode newsreader, or a server?

On Wednesday 13 June 2001 02:30, Jamie Wilkinson wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Rob B said:
> >My question is, should I set up a news server, or install a text-based
> >newsreader and read news via an ssh connection?
> You can do both, or just use the newsreader.
> I use slrn to read news -- it's sort of like a mutt-for-news, only not
> as cool ;)  You specify your newsserver in .slrnrc or globally in
> /etc/news/something (if you're on Debian).
> I also use leafnode as a local news spool, so that reading news is fast;
> it slurps all the groups I'm interested in every morning from my ISP.

Use a redir for port 119 on your home box (pointing the redirect to your 
ISP's news-server).  Then download news directly at work - relayed via your 
home box.  Works great.


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