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Re: [SLUG] Sick of this crap

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> We haven't exactly been politically active recently; anyone up for tackling
> this locally?
>   http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/hague.html

I had a look on the Patent Office web site
(http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au), and there is no reference that I can find
to software patents. I know that in my travels through the abstract
databases, I have never seen an example of one. Google doesn't return
anything relevant.

I'm not sure it is a big issue here.

Hey, even LZW isn't patented in Australia (although Unisys representatives
told my boss that they were working on patenting some related


PS: The opinions expressed here are not that of my employer (the Patent
Office if you haven't guessed). I personally do not believe in software
or algorithm patents, but hey, I have to pay the bills.

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