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[SLUG] Dingo's got the One.Net Blues!!

For anyone interested in the 'transition' path from one.net to <insert 
your ISP here>, I have the following pearls of wisdom

a)  Dingo blue offers a 400 hr / 1.5GB per month service for $35
b)  They can't transfer your existing email addresses (You get new ones)
c)  They can't tell what has or will happen to your existing homepage space
d)  They don't handle domain name delegations and can't tell you what 
happened to the ones that One.Net did have delegated to them.


It seems that one.net servers are all still up & running (for how long I 
don't know) so you can choose any ISP and use your existing one.net mail 
servers.  (At least you can still send & receive emails from your old 
one.net for now)

Hope this helps someone!!!

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