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Re: [SLUG] Getting a bt878 to work with xawtv

Most tv capture cards need a really strong signal. They have virtually
no ability to amplify or filter whats coming down the line. Can i
that if you are in a poor location (like me), you take a trip to tricky
or jaycar (etc) and buy some signal boosting and filtering gear. 
If you have a weak signal then a booster will only make the fuzz
with the signal! Boosters are used when you have alot of devices and a
good to start with!

If you have any really fiddly problems i might be able to help out
having tested the v3tv drivers since the first release (man was that
fun to get going.. and crash) and now playing around with the quickcam
express drivers (almost as much fun *grin*)

My lastest trick was getting an mpeg decoder running in linux ;)

There is *alot* of info on tv tuners/capture devices in linux, the
great part is brooktree chips are basically universaly on all elcheapo
capture cards and they are open spec!.

Test with svideo or composite input plugged into your dvd, vcr or 
mpeg decoder output. A test pattern generator would be an expensive but 
similarly effective way to test your cards capturing.

If your using alsa sound drivers for your video card and you plan
to use oss emulation then ive found you need to run a oss mixer
program before loading the v4l drivers in. Otherwise the oss emulation
doesnt seem to "jump in" and grab slot 0, then when you bt card 
is enabled it grabs slot 0 and your emulation is left dazed and

If you forget alsa mixers still work fine on the sound card.

I hope that made sense.....

X4 can also look after your capture card with the "v4l" module, 
i noticed a slight improvement in the behaviour of my viewing window
with this on. You need a new version of xawtv to handle it.

Well thats me off on a tangent ;)


Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Mehmet Ozdemir">
> > I just got a Pixel View bt878 tv/fm tuner yesterday for $40.00
> > (bargin!!) and I'm trying to get it to work.
> That's funny, there must have been quite a few SLUGgers at the Rocks Markets
> this weekend - all finding BT8x8 cards! ;)
> > I've read thru the slug archives w/o success.
> (When I got mine, there was a wealth of knowledge in posts from Grahame
> Kelly and co.)
> > I think everything set right but I just get static (i'm using rabbit
> > ears atm, but will hook the real antenna tonight)
> Just for the record, you *have* to have an antenna of some sort plugged in,
> or it won't work at all.
> > Can somebody send me there modules.conf and .xawtv file. I'm using
> > xawtv 3.51 and the bttv driver that come stock with rh7.1.
> Check out:
>  * /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/CARDLIST
>  * Try 37 and 38, and tuner=7
>  * Have a peek at my xawtv file at: http://perkypants.org/misc/xawtv
> :)
> - Jeff
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