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Re: [SLUG] Getting a bt878 to work with xawtv

<quote who="Mehmet Ozdemir">

> I just got a Pixel View bt878 tv/fm tuner yesterday for $40.00
> (bargin!!) and I'm trying to get it to work.

That's funny, there must have been quite a few SLUGgers at the Rocks Markets
this weekend - all finding BT8x8 cards! ;)

> I've read thru the slug archives w/o success.

(When I got mine, there was a wealth of knowledge in posts from Grahame
Kelly and co.)

> I think everything set right but I just get static (i'm using rabbit
> ears atm, but will hook the real antenna tonight)

Just for the record, you *have* to have an antenna of some sort plugged in,
or it won't work at all.

> Can somebody send me there modules.conf and .xawtv file. I'm using
> xawtv 3.51 and the bttv driver that come stock with rh7.1.

Check out:

 * /usr/src/linux/Documentation/video4linux/bttv/CARDLIST

 * Try 37 and 38, and tuner=7

 * Have a peek at my xawtv file at: http://perkypants.org/misc/xawtv


- Jeff

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