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[SLUG] Tonight! [Was: Re: Debian SIG]

Just incase you'd forgotten ;)

Thus spake Craige McWhirter (Craige.McWhirter@nospam.oz):

> It's come around nice and quick but the Debian SIG is meeting again.
> This month we have a talk by Steve Kowalik that "will center on how 
> people can contribute to Debian, why you should contribute, and the 
> many and varied ways you can contribute to one of the best community 
> projects out there.".
> Details as follows:
> When: Wednesday, June 13th
> Where: Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel (upstairs boardroom)
>        2 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo
> Doors open at 18:30 so the early birds can grab a meal and a drink.
> Talk(s) commence at 19:00 and are over by 20:00. After which people
> either rabbit on about Debian, hack laptops, play pool, socialise or
> perhaps even leave.
> As usual, if you'd like to give a talk/presentation or have some
> suggestions please let me know.



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