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[SLUG] Re: apt-get update rpm

\begin{Mike Lake}
> I have rpm 3.0.3 on my Debian box and want to update to 4.0
> (to alien a RH7 mozilla binary for the Alpha).
> But apt-get update rpm does not update it as it thinks thats the most
> recent - pooh.

(add testing or unstable deb-src lines to /etc/apt/sources.list)
(as root) apt-get update
apt-get source -b rpm
(as root) dpkg -i ../rpm*.deb

better still would be to do a search for "updated mozilla .deb" (i
believe jeff has even posted an answer to this to this list) and get a
real .deb instead of some dodgy rpm(*)

(* even if it wasn't dodgy before, it is after using alien)

 - Gus

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