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Re: [SLUG] X video drivers

Jeff Waugh was once rumoured to have said:
> <quote who="Bevan Broun">
> > At the lilo prompt do "linux single", to bring you to single user mode
> > from boot. 
> That would be the Fifty Ton Budgie solution, methinks. ;)

Not if your X is broken and respawning rapidly.

> When the machine starts X, just Ctrl-Alt-F1 to a standard console, and do
> the configuration work. To restart gdm or xdm on a Red Hat 7.1 box (assuming
> they're still putting the display manager in inittab) just kill the process.
> It should respawn automatically, and run with the new settings.

Of course, C-A-F1 won't work in above stated scenario.  You have to
resort to sshing in (since every good linux box owner has ssh
installed, right?)  or reboot.

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