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Re: [SLUG] X video drivers

<quote who="Bevan Broun">

> At the lilo prompt do "linux single", to bring you to single user mode
> from boot. 

That would be the Fifty Ton Budgie solution, methinks. ;)

When the machine starts X, just Ctrl-Alt-F1 to a standard console, and do
the configuration work. To restart gdm or xdm on a Red Hat 7.1 box (assuming
they're still putting the display manager in inittab) just kill the process.
It should respawn automatically, and run with the new settings.

Remember: With Linux, there is almost always no reason to reboot whatsoever,
and you can always email SLUG to find out "How Not to Reboot" (cf. How Not
to be Seen, John Cleese).


- Jeff

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