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An Idiots Guide to Manipulating Search Engines As Easily As Women Manipulate You (was: Re: [SLUG] Apache serving .doc files)

This one time, at band camp, Paul Cameron said:
>Yes, good. A search engine pointer is helpful, but what use is a 
>search engine without someone who knows how to use it to their
>It would be nice to have An Idiots Guide to Manipulating Search
>Engines As Easily As Women Manipulate You guide.

               An Idiots Guide to
      Manipulating Search Engines As Easily 
            As Women Manipulate You.[1]

Step 1:  type the string 'www.google.com' (sans quotes -- how layman do
we want?)  into your favourite browser.  Loading favourite browser and
entering text is beyond the scope of this mail, try the

Step 2:  Think of useful keywords about the problem while the page
loads.  In this case, "broken download netscape apache .doc" might be a

	(!) Warning:  this step has been rated Hard, due to the presence of
        a Thinking requirement.

Step 3:  Type in keywords into text entry box on google.  Click on
Search button, or hit enter.

Step 4:  Visual grep (more work!) for search results that look right.
Click on them.  If it's not right, go back, try the next one.

Step 5:  If you don't find what you're looking for, try excluding some
keywords, adding more, or a new set of keywords.  You may have picked up
some new keywords in the pages you just looked at -- these may help to
track down the solution.

Step 6:  The search engine is a tool, not a magic box; practice makes

[1] As per laboratory results; actual ease may differ from advertised
[2] HOWTO Not guaranteed to exist.

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