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Re: [SLUG] Apache serving .doc files

Matt Hyne wrote:
> Could you be a little more specific ?

How's this:

1. google.com
2. search for: apache mime types for doc files
3. http://www.simplythebest.net/info/apache_mime.html

Or another suggestion:

Read apache-manual/mod/mod_mime.html in the documentation
distributed with your Apache server software.

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> At Tuesday, 12/06/2001 10:22 AM (+0200), Artur Hefczyc wrote:
> >>
> >> I am trying to get my Linux based apache web server to serve some .DOC MS
> >Word files.  However I am having the following problems.
> >>
> >> 1. When I click on the link, the file starts downloading as (garbled) text
> >into the netscape window.
> >> 2. If I shift-select the link, I can download the file but then WORD
> >cannot read it.
> >>
> >> I've checked the file in Apache's directory and it is fine - I can ftp or
> >scp it and read it just fine, just not when I try to fetch it from a link on
> >a webpage.

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