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On Monday, 11 Jun 2001 at 16:00, Howard Lowndes <lannet@nospam.lannet.com.au> wrote:
> That is exactly the point.  The potential recipient MUST NOT be
> pre-advised.  The first they must know about the possibility of an award
> is an approach by the GG's Secretary asking if they would be prepared to
> accept an award.  It is a requirement of the scheme.

The two people I know who received awards were well aware
before the GG contacted them. The only requirement is that
the <honours committee> can independantly find a prominant
person to support the nomination. As such, it's a bad idea
to have all the prominent people sign the nomination. EG have
CLUG OR SLUG nominate, and leave them to locate a second
opinion (likely someone else from SLUG/CLUG.)

I does take several months, so start now for next year.

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