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Re: [SLUG] CDRWs SCSI cards TNT2 Vid cards DSL modems

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001 james@nospam.spunkysoftware.com wrote:

> Does anyone know if:
>     Ricoh MP 7125A model CDRW

Don't know - but if it's SCSI, chances are it will. The current CD-writing
howto shows the Ricoh MP-7040A and MP-7060A are supported - this one
probably will be too.

>     generic TNT2 32MB PCI video card

Almost certainly. I haven't seen a PCI card yet that didn't work.

>     Adaptec 29160N U-160 32-bit PCI scuzzy card

No idea.

>     LVD68/U160 SCSI disks (Seagate Cheetah & Barracuda, Quantum Atlas, IBM
> Ultrastar)

Disks are irrelavent. Provided the controller works, any disk which is
visible to the controller will work also.

>     [whatever] Cable or DSL modem


> Also, I see some scuzzy disks say they are U160 LVD68 disks, while others
> just claim to be LVD68 and others just U160... can I take it that because
> some are U160 plus LVD68 that these are all the same thing? And that a U160
> scuzzy card is what I need for a disk claiming to be a LVD68?

Ultra 160 drives are LVD68 by default. It's just two ways of naming the
same thing. The LVD68 refers to the cable used to connect U160 drives to
the controller - Limited Voltage Differential, 68 pin.

> And, what is the best 512k upstream/downstream DSL deal around, and approx
> how much? What are the total costs, ballpark figures approx, for this kind
> of bandwidth along with ISP charges and phone call connection costs, how are
> these always-connected thingies charged by phone companies? Could I expect
> $300/month or less? Is Telstra picky about where these can be installed in
> Sydney suburbs?

Currently, all ADSL vendors suck because you're either capped to a maximum
amount of data per month {Telstra}, or volume charged for your downloads
{Telstra, PI, iPrimus etc}.

Telstra will install a 512/128 home service for about $200, and it'll cost
you $90 a month if you're preselected to Telstra on that line - which is
fine if you don't use it for voice calls. However, you have {effective the
enf of September this year, I think?} a total allowable download per month
of 3 gig. All data over that will be charged at their usual ripoff rates.

iPrimus give you 1000k a month, then charge for everything over that - but
they'll give you a 1500/256 service for home use if you want it.

Currently, Optus cable seems to be the best bet if it's available in your
area. The install charge _sucks_ unless you sign up for a 12 month
contract, but the allowable data cap is much higher, as it's based on a
floating average. It seems to be around 10 gig a month - which should be
ample for any home use.


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