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Re: [SLUG] CDRWs SCSI cards TNT2 Vid cards DSL modems

<quote who="james@nospam.spunkysoftware.com">

>     Ricoh MP 7125A model CDRW

Almost certainly. Search this list for ide-scsi (setup details will almost
certainly pop up).

>     generic TNT2 32MB PCI video card

Sure. Proprietary drivers though; get a Matrox or ATI Radeon.

>     Adaptec 29160N U-160 32-bit PCI scuzzy card

Sure. Adaptec 7xxx drivers. Recommend getting a 19160, as it'll be quite a
bit cheaper.

>     LVD68/U160 SCSI disks (Seagate Cheetah & Barracuda, Quantum Atlas, IBM
> Ultrastar)

Yeah. Make sure you plug it in; then it will be compatible.

>     [whatever] Cable or DSL modem

Sure. Currently, Australian ADSL providers have consumer-level routers for
which you need to use PPPOE software, and more expensive bridging routers
(or routing bridges, whatever your fantasy) that will do the PPPOE for you
(just assign an IP to the ethernet card). Cable modems are plug in and grab
your settings via DHCP. There is Free Software available to interoperate
with all of these; it's mostly a matter of software, not hardware.

> And, what is the best 512k upstream/downstream DSL deal around, and approx
> how much? What are the total costs, ballpark figures approx, for this kind
> of bandwidth along with ISP charges and phone call connection costs, how are
> these always-connected thingies charged by phone companies? Could I expect
> $300/month or less? Is Telstra picky about where these can be installed in
> Sydney suburbs?

You won't get 512/512k (that's why it's called ADSL), there are no call
charges (you're not making a phone call), and they're either
pseudo-unlimited for residential or per meg after limit for business
(Pacific Internet's top corporate deal is $169/month, 1536/256KBps, 1GB
download free, 15.9c/MB).

- Jeff

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