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[SLUG] CDRWs SCSI cards TNT2 Vid cards DSL modems

Does anyone know if:

    Ricoh MP 7125A model CDRW
    generic TNT2 32MB PCI video card
    Adaptec 29160N U-160 32-bit PCI scuzzy card
    LVD68/U160 SCSI disks (Seagate Cheetah & Barracuda, Quantum Atlas, IBM
    [whatever] Cable or DSL modem

... works with Linux?

Also, I see some scuzzy disks say they are U160 LVD68 disks, while others
just claim to be LVD68 and others just U160... can I take it that because
some are U160 plus LVD68 that these are all the same thing? And that a U160
scuzzy card is what I need for a disk claiming to be a LVD68?

There's a beautiful 18GB Seagate Cheetah LVD68 15,000rpm SCSI disk that I'm
eyeballing... it's about time I started saving for a new computer, build the
bugger myself since can't get anywhere near what I want preconfig'd, much
less with my choice of Linux distro, disk partitioned ready also with BSD
installed too, and a cable/DSL modem... :) It would be nice if the cable or
dsl modem worked with Linux and Win 2K too.

And, what is the best 512k upstream/downstream DSL deal around, and approx
how much? What are the total costs, ballpark figures approx, for this kind
of bandwidth along with ISP charges and phone call connection costs, how are
these always-connected thingies charged by phone companies? Could I expect
$300/month or less? Is Telstra picky about where these can be installed in
Sydney suburbs?

Thanks heaps.

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