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[SLUG] apsfilter :(


Just wanted to run this by you all... I am currently reinstalling a
machine at home with apsfilter and samba etc so I can print to a HP 6L.

I've got it all setup and can print most of the time from windows to the
shared printer with no issues, although running the Test print option from
within apsfilterconfig yields the followin error scrolling on linux
console until it is broken with a control-c etc...

execstackoverflow in Unrecoverable error:

machine is debian potato with 2.2.19 kernel.

Ocassionially this error is produced on the prints sent from windows, but
not that often, and considering I have only printer about 5 items to so
far, its not a very in depth test.

Maybe if someone has some clues, I could try and investigate it all in the
coming few days.

Michael Fox


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