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Re: [SLUG] esmith dialing problem

Trevor Gunter wrote:
> Gidday
> Have setup an eSmith 4.0 machine for a small school near Bathurst to allow
> their small network of Macs to share a single dial up line. I hadn't set up
> an eSmith machine before, it was a breeze.
> The admin setup was also no problem. I believe all my settings are OK. The
> problem is, eSmith makes the modem go OH but it refuses to actually dial the
> number. I set it for contunuous during office hours. It's acting DHCP fine
> and is on the network no dramas but the rufusal to dial has me beat. It goes
> OH for about 60 sec and gives up and tries again after a couple of mins. By
> the way it's an external modem, and I've tried my home modem on the system
> and it does the same thing.
> I noted from the slug archives that dialing with esmith may be a problem in
> Aus?

Check that e-smith is not assuming that your machine is set to Universal
time. We had to change our time settings to get it to work properly.

Stay well and happy

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