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[SLUG] esmith dialing problem


Have setup an eSmith 4.0 machine for a small school near Bathurst to allow
their small network of Macs to share a single dial up line. I hadn't set up
an eSmith machine before, it was a breeze.

The admin setup was also no problem. I believe all my settings are OK. The
problem is, eSmith makes the modem go OH but it refuses to actually dial the
number. I set it for contunuous during office hours. It's acting DHCP fine
and is on the network no dramas but the rufusal to dial has me beat. It goes
OH for about 60 sec and gives up and tries again after a couple of mins. By
the way it's an external modem, and I've tried my home modem on the system
and it does the same thing.

I noted from the slug archives that dialing with esmith may be a problem in

Any help appreciated. If I can get this one school going there are about 6
other small schools that don't currently have the dept. supplied ISDN line
out here.


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