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Re: [SLUG] OT - Telstra to cap flat rate ADSL & Cable plans at3Gb/month

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Crossfire wrote:

> Basically, I don't give a damn about everybody whining about this.
> You've had it good, you've abused the service, and now you're
> complaining since Telstra is finally doing something to assert some
> reasonable quality of service for the rest of us.

Actually I will download a lot more now than I previously did. Most
months I would never get even close to 500MB, let alone 3GB, but
occasionally (probably 1 month out of about 7 so far) I would go
over three gig, but not by much. That would be a month when I am
updating my linux cd sets, debian and redhat. Now, to make sure I
don't do that, I will spread my downloads out. In fact, on the last
weekend of every month, I'll be sure to download any iso's, news,
game demos, programs, mp3's, whatever, that I think I even vaguely
might need for the next month.

Besides, I think you shouldn't be so quick to get ad hominem over
this, calling those who complain whiners and service abusers. I am
neither, and when I signed my contract (still binding I believe),
I was told I was getting an "unlimited" service. I'm sick of
companies that think its OK to tell outright lies in pursuit of a
customer base.

Lastly, Telstra has given me completely shithouse service. They
basically were incapable of keeping me connected, often subjecting
me to outages of several days, and regularly interrupting service.
They couldn't or wouldn't work out why, and the situation only
improved when I moved house. Telstra customers who like to unwind
with some quake or CS will find they have shitty pings compared to
others on equivalent services, and as I understand it, all traffic
pretty much still goes via Melbourne for Sydney users.

I'm sick of people bitching and moaning when people who are getting
a raw deal from a giant, highly profitable telco raise valid
complaints. :)

> All in all its still a damned good deal.
> You pay less than the ADSL business customers, and they only get
> 500Mbs before they start paying.
> You pay less for that 3GB of traffic than any BP:D customers.
> (at the old 19c/meg for BP:D, thats $583 worth of traffic)

Your comparisons are invalid, notably both to the same telco, so
not even vaguely serious attempts to find a good test. If you
want to look at modem dialups (though personally it doesn't seem
that relevant), it's not too hard to find those that are truly
unlimited. If you want to look at broadband, look at markets
with real competition. The US may have a greater poulation
density than here, but the population density in major cities
(which is what counts for rolling out this infrastructure) is
actually lower.

> Now stop whining and finally accept that you're still recieving a good
> service for the money, and that Telstra are being perfectly
> reasonable.

Stop whining about us whining, or I'll whine about you whining about
us whining. Ad infintum. Seriously, why leap into personal attack?



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