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Re: [SLUG] Alcatel ADSL modems

On 8 Jun 01, at 18:35, Howard Lowndes wrote:

> Can anyone confirm that the Alcatel ADSL modems that are currently being
> installed have been upgraded to overcome the security bug of a few months ago.

  How is this problem a 'bug'? THe problem is documented and widely known and
deliberately planned into the modems. Surely this makes it a feature of the
modems and not a bug. While the problem may be a security concern, I hardly
think it is a bug.
  From my reading of the security concern, it is only an issue if one chooses 
permit the echo service or if one permits a trojan (why are you using *NIX
then?) to send data directly to the ADSL modem or if you are not running a
properly configured firewall (which *should* catch both previously mentioned
events). Feel free to correct me if I've misunderstood the information provided
by Alcatel.


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