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Re: [SLUG] OT - Job advertisement

> > Heard today that in about 6 weeks, after I return from leave, Microsoft
> > or their paid minions are comming in to do a software audit. Or, rather,
> > a licencing audit.
> Who are you working for?
> I didnt expect that "Big Brother is watching you" (not the telly
> series!!!!) is already here ....

Nope - I'm the Network manager for a large-ish insurance company in Sydney.
> > They will expect me or my colleague to allow them access to the server
> > room and to have access to all machines - no bloody way. They will not
> > touch !!! And I refuse to remove the boot-up password on my PC !!
> You should talk to a lawyer and find out whether they are allowed to
> do that (for now, they'll change their licensing scheme the next time
> around if too many people refuse ..)

Probably a good point - however, after reading the EULA for Windows, as well 
as our SELECT agreement, they have that right - I don't know the exact 
details offhand, but it's something like "... will furnish licencing details, 
etc. or will allow Microsoft or their Authorised Representatives access to 
such hardware and records as is needed to prove compliance"....

New York signed the agreement, not me...:-)

> > What I plan to do is to have my Linux posters up, my "Windows Free Zone"
> > crime-scene tape on the workstation, and the work PC booting off a SuSE
> > Live CD (so I don't have to screw up even more an already knackered and
> > feeble Windows 2000 workstation).
> It will make them feel better cause they know that you are afraid.

No, it will show them that people aren't afraid to tell Microsoft to go to 


"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to using
Microsoft products for mission-critical applications"
			     (What Yoda really meant to say)

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