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Re: [SLUG] optus-cable debian install

David Kempe wrote:

> Hey sluggers,
> I have dug on google and search the archives and i can't find any answer to
> this specific problem.
> I am trying to set up a another debian box here to use as a gateway. I
> wanted to install directly off the web as I have a optus@nospam.home connection and
> no cds or cdburner.
> I have booted off the rescue disk and worked through the install up to the
> part where i need to get the network card working.
> The default DHCP request from the debian installer fails of course, so I
> switch to the second console and attempt to use pump manually to try get an
> IP address.
> If I do a pump -h co3xxxxxx-a -i eth0 It doesn't work. Console 4 spits out a
> PUMP: sending discover then a whole lot of breq: dhcp messages like opcode
> hw etc.
> It doenst get any reply. I know the network card works and I have link etc,
> I just don't know why pump doesnt work.

It sounds like you have not configured your card yet.  Make sure you set 
up an alias in your modules for you particular card.  You might need to 
set up other gumph like irqs etc.


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