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Re: [SLUG] Apology

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 12:07:23AM +1000, Martin wrote:
> russell@nospam.ashdown.net.au blurted out:
> > I am appalled.
> I'm not. We just went thru all this.
> This ** is ** a technical list. Everything else is off topic.

make that "This ** is ** a linux technical list"
then true I agree, however I would rather read _personal_ linux job
ads (not agents) rather than stuff about M$/windows which still
infects the slug list.

> Take it to slug-chat or at the least, reduce it to two lines:
> "This is my reason for posting."
> "This is a link to find out more if this is interests for you."

this is the best solution.  Post a URL and put all the info
on a web page.


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