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Re: [SLUG] slug-chat

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 03:27:36PM +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Sundry,
> When you start typing that "OT" or "[OT]" into the Subject header of your
> email, please consider how grateful the rest of the SLUG list feels when you
> change the To header to read "slug-chat@nospam.slug.org.au".


and, if on the other hand you _want_ to read or write off-topic posts, then
join slug-chat at:


Rumour has it that Jeff is writing some list-analysis code that will
automatically scan the slug list for meaningless drivel and unsubscribe
people[*], so please make sure to redirect off-topic posts to slug-chat
(where OFF-TOPIC os ON-TOPIC, and vice-versa :).

Of course, this means that random job ads, especially those from agencies
and those that don't have anything to do with Linux or Sydney, are on-topic
on slug-chat. So, if you're keen to hire unfocused geeks who waste their
entire workday on chat mailing lists and irc, you know where to go ;-)

And please, be nice to each other. Lose the angst, tone down the bigotry,
and when you feel like flaming someone for their lesser knowledge or you
want to insult women, homosexuals or random software users, why not instead
make a nice cup of tea, curl up with a HOWTO or programming book and learn
something useful. Then maybe in future you'll be in a better position to
contribute something worthwhile to the list.


[*] Rumour subject to substantiation. Not valid in NSW.

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