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Re: [SLUG] Mutt'ers....

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> I'll find out about the other sexier ones for you, though.

Here are the <archives> Mutt configuration for Pine users </archives>:

Yes, they're based on the ones from the mutt distro, but with extra bits.
On zork, Crackmonkey has a 'pine' script that invokes mutt with this config,
thus the sourcing down the bottom.


# This file contains commands to change the keybindings in Mutt to be
# similar to those of PINE 3.95.

# $Id: Pine.rc,v 1.4 1998/12/02 20:12:35 roessler Rel $

bind index v display-message
bind index p previous-undeleted
bind index n next-undeleted
bind index ' ' next-page
bind index c mail
bind index g change-folder
bind index w search
bind index y print-message
bind index x sync-mailbox
bind index $ sort-mailbox
bind index a tag-prefix
bind index \; tag-entry
bind index t create-alias

# Not possible to simulate zoom-out...
macro index z ltagged\r

bind pager p previous-undeleted
bind pager n next-undeleted
bind pager ' ' next-page
bind pager g change-folder
bind pager c mail
bind pager w search
bind pager y print-message
bind pager \n noop	# PINE prints "No default action for this menu."
bind pager <up> previous-line
bind pager <down> next-line
bind pager t create-alias
bind pager \cv next-page
bind pager \cy previous-page
bind pager \cp previous-line
bind pager \cn next-line

bind compose \cx send-message

# PINE has different defaults for this variables
set folder=~/mail
set record=+sent-mail
set nosave_name
set postponed=~/postponed-msgs
set hdr_format="%Z %3C %{%b %d} %-19.19L (%5c) %s"
set editor="nano --pico"
set visual="nano --pico"

bind  pager   <up>     previous-line
bind  pager   <down>   next-line
bind  pager   <left>   exit
bind  pager   <right>  view-attachments
bind  attach  <left>   exit
bind  attach  <right>  view-attach
bind  index   <right>  display-message
macro index   <left>   "c?"
bind  browser <right>  select-entry
bind  browser <left>   exit

source ~/.muttrc
#source ~/.addressbook
set alias_file=~/.muttrc


- Jeff

            "you misspelt 'world dominatrix'" - James Wilkinson             

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